1. Talks with the owner and get the permit to take photos and use their brand to finish the website coding project.
I talked with the owner and some people working there. They are very nice and allowed me to take photos and do the website.  Before I talked to them. I talked with the owner of Red Rock Cafe in Castro street, Mountain View. She is a very nice person but said no to me. I didn't give up and finally, I found this Cafe in Dana Street not far from the Castro street Downtown Mountain View. 
2. Take photos and prepare for the Website
I took some photos there and tried to put into the website. I need to make sure photos in the website is originally from me.
3. Think about the Concept. Made a Site Map
I thought about a concept and the style of the website. I reviewed the original website and talked to the Owner. He wants the website simple and the similar as the old one. I talked with another people having coffee in the Cafe. Because Red Rock Cafe is fancy and huge space, One of Starbucks is not far too. I want to know the reason they like this small tiny Cafe. They told me the coffee here is good tasting. Then I ordered one and tried it. It is amazing. At the same time, they told me Cafe here is very fresh and the way they roast coffee beans by themselves. It didn't show on the old website. I made a decision to build a website by their special pots. I will use it on the homepage. 
Then My Site Map came out. Simple, similar style as the old one, showing the difference another Cafe.
4. Make the Wireframes of the website
Made pages wireframe pages for the website. After several times fixing and redo. Finally, I made a decision how to design the website.
5. Coding Website
After I was done with the image picking up and the instruction of the website setup. I started to coding. Because they don't have online shopping part. Then I just use HTML and CSS to code the website. I was trying my best to make it look simple and fancy.
6. Final Project
When I did with this project. I am happy with what I am doing. But I think it is completed done. Cuz It should show match the different size of the screen. I may find a time to keep coding a web page for Phone and Tablet in future.
simple and peaceful feeling, Coffee related, Traditional style
 people who really like coffee and the feeling drinking coffee
Click to visit the web page: Here

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