1. Plan of the Portrait video
I am going to take a video about Seth Shostak. He is currently Senior Astronomer for the SETI Institute and former Director of Center for SETI Research when it was a separate department. I am working in SETI Institute and have several times working with him. He is a very kind and intelligent person. I took many videos of his public talk. He was in Star Trek Movie too. You are easy to notice that he is very charming when he is giving a talk and his humor in his talk. I plan to give a short time of his talk to start the video and then add his daily work. When it shows his daily work, I will add some his opinion about his work and his radio “big picture science”. He is the host and producer of Big Picture Science. I will shoot the radio room when he is working and add some part of his radio. At the end, I will shoot video of his back when he is walking away. I think I will be like a story. I am thinking if I need to record the audio of myself to introduce Seth. But I haven’t made a decision yet.
2. Story Board
This is a 1 min 30 sec video. It needs very quick move from one step to another step.
3. Animatic draft of the video
4. Final Video: Draft
5. Final video

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