Animation name:
If you have a friend and he is a cat
Project Time:
30 seconds
March 08, 2017 - April 05, 2017
1. Prepare Concept of the Project
2. Create a Storyboard for the story
3. Make a simple slide animation and manage play time
4. Final Animation
1. Prepare Concept of the Prject
1. Establish a concept for a project before moving forward on any visuals
2. Establish inspiration for visuals and motion
3. Test a concept before spending time creating visuals
1. Projects will be approximately 30 seconds long
2. Include a general description of proposed  - Examples include “I want to explain why you we should stop campaign contributions”, “I want to raise awareness of lupus”, “I want to advertise this product”, “I want to explain my thesis topic”, "I would like to make 3 more bumpers for my network"
3. Include a link to videos and images that help represent the visual style piece will strive for
2. Create a Storyboard for the story
1. To make a quick visual plan of a project that saves you from wasting time animating an idea that may not be successful
2. To establish a visual style guide for the project
3. Storyboards are a crucial step in movies, television shows, and motion graphics. They make working in a group easier, allow to provide a quick visual representation to client, and help to keep the style of project consistent.
3. Final Animation
Final 30 Seconds animation with background music.

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