This is a motion graphic for a logo.

1. To make a quick visual plan of a project.
2. To practice importing graphics and using the shape tools.
3. Storyboards are a crucial step in movies, television shows, and motion graphics.
The Reason I picked HULU for my Logo Animation
I Picked up a logo of HULU. I use the calabash as my main character because I read HULU's history and I am interested in to make the animation with that cute Calabashes. It is a very good meaning of it.  
1. Pick up a logo. Make a Story Board and a simple Animation for idea
2. A first thinking way of the logo animation for the end of the animation
3. Animate your 10 second bumper with logo build

1. To practice visual storytelling skills on a short project before attempting a much larger project.
2. To execute design decisions made in the storyboarding stage
3. To put the theories and exercises reviewed into practice
The First Try
The Second Try
Made a decision go with the second try.
4. Final Logo Animation
Final HULU Logo Animation
Finally done with the logo animation with music and timer.
Time of this project
Two weeks

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